Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fresh look!

I'm posting an article here now; it's from the New York Times please read through it, it's heartbreaking at the very least to hear of what's looming for our lady Ethiopia and other African countries neighboring her.

Please take the few minutes to read this...


  1. I like the new design!

    Yes, I almost posted that article, too. It is so, so sad. And also sad that so few people seem to know (or care?) what is happening.

  2. Just heartbreaking! I want my children soon, but not because of this. May God have mercy on them and on us who have so much!

  3. I've been reading other articles on this. It's so sad.
    We are still waiting for our referral. I thought 23 weeks was bad! Really,it's been 37 weeks since dossier was sent? OMG!I'm going crazy with my wait time,I just can't imagine how you're hanging in there!

  4. I have been reading these articles and it's heart breaking. Have you heard of RLC? They trying to make a difference in this area? Visit my blog for more details.