Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Phone numbers...

Ok everyone... the time is soon approaching and I need some help! I would like to speak in person with the Parker friends when we get the call! I am hoping that some of you will want to get the news first hand by none other than "little miss parker"! If you're interested, please forward your email address in the comments or send it through blogger to mine and we can exchange phone numbers that way... If you're not comfy with the thought then you'll be one of the millions checking and checking for "the call post"!

xo Lori


  1. Little Miss Parker's mommy needs to call my cell first, then my home and then repeat until she gets me! I just know that it is coming soon- maybe our dossiers will make their way through court together:)

  2. OOO OOO OOO! I want the call. Maybe you can conference when you call Em. Seriously. Thats going to be a whole lotta tears when you get the call. SOON. Soon. Umm...I'll email you.

  3. Hi Lori-
    I found your blog through someone else's. Don't remember as I jump around so much just pouring over these adoption blogs. :) Just about a month ago, we started the process and hope to get a little girl from Ethiopia next spring. Mind if I keep up with your blog?

  4. Hi, Lori! Congratulations on your upcoming referral! This is Evelyn, a fellow reader of Zufan's blog.... also waiting with WHFC. I saw your blog on the yahoo group and am excited for you!

    Evelyn (in SC)

  5. Ditto Emily's comment for me! You have my digits already, right? Woo hoo! I want to hear the news!!! I want to do a jiggy dance for you in my kitchen (or wherever I am) when you call with the happy, happy news!

  6. I will keep my cell phone very close to me at all times from this moment on :)
    I knew something was in the air! I should have known it was Parkerness. Very fun...I love Laguna!

  7. Hi Lori!

    You will have tons of people to call so you don't need to bother with me :), but be SURE you post it to the Yahoo group in the first 5 seconds after getting the call!! Also, can you PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me her sweet little face, as soon as you've seen it?

    Here's to referral week -- next week! :)


  8. Please email me when you get the call! Since we are still waiting for our call,I couldn't handle a call that isn't local!!
    My email is lisagharrigan@yahoo.com
    Come on referral!!!

  9. Happy Mother's Day! Know I'm thinking of you today!

  10. Happy Mothers Day!

    love, Jen

  11. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU....your little one is here already....and you are already a mom....so a mom twice over.

    I have been thinking of you quite a bit...I just cant wait to see those pics!!!

  12. Anything new, Lori?? I'm missing your updates!