Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fun, rain, and FORTY??

** why won't blogger separate my darn paragraphs!!** Sorry!
Hi there! What a fun night we had! One of my girlfriends from waaaaaay back (Cindy) had a surprise birthday bash for her husbands 40th! She planned a harbour cruise in Portsmouth which is a lovely typical seaside bustling town complete with cobblestone sidewalks and boutiques galore! It's very quaint (until the wee hours when the town is crawling with the pub kids - trust me, we saw plenty)!
A few of us went for a casual dinner on the water and walked around the corner to the boat where about forty of Ron's closest friends and family were waiting to yell "surprise" when he entered! He really seemed surprised and that's just very cool!
Soon after on board MP and I started mingling and it was probably an hour later that I said to my sidekick Rhonda, "I better go find MP"! It was just one of the parties that you get sooo lost in time just cracking up and having fun that the few hour cruise went by in a snap! I hardly get to see "my girls" these days so whenever we get together it's shear childish abandon. Inappropriate jokes, mocking one another, and really goofy dancing (we end up ignoring our spouses - which is a nice retreat for them to catch up too).
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time... I wish that my little tiny glasses of white wine hadn't prevented me from remembering to take pictures throughout the evening, but I did get a bunch of the first few hours. There are many more friends that I so wish I took photo's of, but you know how it goes. Once the camera is out of the purse, you snap about 20 and put it away for the rest of the night! Drats!!!
Rhonda & I (cold and rainy)

Lynnie & Rhonda

Cindy & I

Here's hoping that the first week of May be one for the record books.....
Hey Em and Julie, tomorrow is 5-5!!! I'm thinking that the exclusive 4 night 5 day trip to the Bahama's won't be yours to enjoy! ;)


  1. How fun! We would have loved to see pictures from later in the night. I imagine they would have told a great story!

    So, I did not guess the date correct. But strange enough, my guess of May 1st was actually the date our dossier was sent to Ethiopia. Weird, huh?


  2. So much fun to see Rhonda-- she is beautiful like you Lor!! :)

    The sun will come out, TOMORROW, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there will be sun!!! It ain't over till the fat lady sings sister.

    Can't wait to celebrate!!

  3. Very cute pics! So glad you had such a good time. Fun times with great friends are the best! XOXO, D

  4. You look so beautiful!!!

    Love, Sis

  5. So glad you could have that fun time! I'm waiting for the news... Any leads on when "the call" is coming???

  6. Late night pics...ya,that would be good! LOL!