Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy 40th Kiki!!

My dear sister turns 40 today!! We love her very much and can't wait to spend the next 40 together! By then, we'll live in a three tenement house with she on one floor and I on another. And a family member in the third!! (inside joke) :) Nobody on the planet will ever know you as long as your siblings will, they've been there from the start!
When we all went to Napa/Sonoma 1/06... mustard seed.

No explanation needed, she's obviously the bigger and older one.

Universal Studios Florida 4/03... getting our glasses on for the Spiderman adventure!

Vegas 5/07... headed out to dinner at a fabu steak house!

Long time ago at the lake w/Dad and Max...

Kiki, Nicholas (one week old) and Dad at Thanksgiving...


  1. I love you Lou Lou! Love Kiki

  2. What great pictures. You are so lucky to have a sister!

  3. Sister's are the best. My little sis is probably tired of me calling and complaining "no referral"

  4. Happy birthday to your sister.
    Hey I am waiting her for your referral. I hope you will get the call soon.

  5. Happy Birthday Kiki!! I love your sister :)