Friday, March 21, 2008

New game???

Poor little Nicholas - look at the major wedge!!! I couldn't resist!!! Cracks me up every time!

There is nothing new to post, but I know that there are only a small amount of us "unreferred" folks left and so you're all waiting and checking, and waiting and checking! It's getting tough for me since there are only a few folks that I regularly stalk that are still waiting. This is good in one sense because it's got me blog stalking a ton less than say six months ago... Now I excitedly check for babe updates, but am not as frantic to constantly check like every hour!! There is a lot on my mind but for some reason I'm not feeling very expressive. I struggled to get myself to do a post, but it's been a whole week, that's just not like me!! :)

MP and I recently had an anniversary and so did Amy and Josh, and if my memory serves Stacy did too (?). On Amy's blog she told the wonderful story about how she and Josh met... There's nothing better than a love story and I began to think that it would be a treat to do a tag game (who doesn't like to be tagged) about how we met our hubby's... Now, this is a little sexist, and I don't want to leave anybody out, but let's face, the majority of us are married women. Feel free to adjust the story idea if you're tagging someone who doesn't fall into the married category.

This probably isn't fair because I don't have time to do mine right this minute, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling!

Adoption wise... zilch! Patience wise... metsa, metsa! Otherwise... Fan-freakin-tastic!

I don't have many readers so, if you're reading this post, consider yourself tagged!!!


  1. OH LORI......I can't possibly share my story because it happened in a stinky resturant...YUCKY. Server meets hostess (actually server stalks hostess) hahaha.

    Hang in there girly I'm regularly stalking your blog...I know it's coming I can feel it in my butt! (thats a pretty strong feeling ya know')

    :-) Loves

  2. I wasn't tagged but I met the love of my life at work...not romantic but every day is now.

    Love the wedgy!!!


  3. Poor kid!!!! I hope it didn't cause any major trauma! :)

  4. Can I do this tag and not the 100 things about myself tag? I have too much running through my brain to be that creative-- I can however share my love story! That will be fun.

    I need to wait a few days since Moody got like 45 comments on his last post- we don't want him getting a big head:)

    Thank you for your support. I have felt it these last few days- will keep you posted.

  5. Nice to be young enough that even a major wedgie doesn't distract ya!LOL!
    We are still waiting for our referral....I'm beginning to be the most impatient, patient person!!

  6. Love the picture! Nothin better than a wedgie shot.
    Glad you made a post. I was starting to get worried! Next, we need a video post, if that's not being to demanding. Hope you have a great Easter.

  7. Anything on my blog, is yours:) Please share if you get a moment!

  8. Hi Lori!

    Thanks for the funny comment!!! I need to get caught up on my blog reading now that we are back to reality. Whew! I need a vacation from the vacation.

    Really, that turtle riding shot is so cute. Looks like he had fun despite the pants trouble.

    I bet a referral is coming soon! I can't believe you have been waiting this long for a toddler. Wow. I remember when they had a long list of toddlers waiting and needed families, not all that long ago. Hang in there!

  9. Oh my dear Lori - don't be sad - your referrals coming! SOON! I feel it (although not in my butt - seriously Bethany, this is a G-rated blog) and SOON! I feel it in my heart, yes my heart. God and I will be having a talk tonight about you and Emily needing your babies. Its time.

    I too love a good love story. Mines not all that exciting, we've known eachother FOREVER and well.....we saved the excitement for now. ;) LOL!

    Okay love story over.

  10. I'm a reader of your blog. I just didn't have my own blog until yesterday so I've never left a comment. My name is Jen and my husband is Doug. We adopted Sam last year. I can't wait to read a referral post from you! Take care and nice to meet you,

  11. My husband and I are a couple of your readers-or maybe stalkers. We don't comment too often, but we loved your love story and we (being dog owners and lovers) were touched by your sentiments about the dogs. So, we wanted to tell you guys that we love following your blog. We will continue to follow along and wish you an expedient journey-as expedient as possible in this amazing adoption world. But, we love your suggestion about being tagged and sharing our "love story." So, we will! Feel free to follow along with us as well. The Ethiopian adoption community of bloggers has been so touching, uniting, affirming, and fun!