Friday, March 14, 2008

Tagged and 100th + post! :0

Okay, so I was recently tagged by three fellow bloggers, thanks girls!! I feel VERY special and honored to be thought of. Here's my dilema, it's also just past my 100th post... so, I've decided to be a non-conformist for once in my adult life and blend the two posts into one! The other Mrs. Parker, Christina, and Stacy tagged me, so for ten of these items I'll elaborate on them and tag some girls at the end!

1. I never knew what a blog was until after our dossier was sent

2. I shower with my back facing the showerhead

3. Infertility plagued us for a long time (and I'm so glad it did)

4. There were many times that I miscarried

5. Rain makes my heart happy and my soul calm

6. Christmas is the ultimate holiday, my heart beams

7. Michael fell in love with me at first sight, I fell in love with him in just three weeks

8. Cooking is great - need to entertain more

9. We love old homes

10. We love to renovate victorian/new englander homes

11. We were serial movers until 3.5 years ago loving to fix up old homes

12. Nicholas is the best boyfriend I've ever had

13. Work is meant to be another arm but not your whole body

14. Dogs are the best pets - especially our dog(s)

15. Tooney (passed) was the first love of my life

16. I am too much of a clean freak. It has come down many notches since having a child

17. Following "rules" is my problem (right Em)

18. Wine, need I say more, yes, more wine please, and make it a big bold red one!

19. While we're on the booze, martini - dry, very dry, with olives and a twist

20. My meatballs are the best on the planet (sorry mom and kiki - your's are awesome too)

21. Although this should've been #1, Jesus and our relationship is personal and fantastic

22. Family heritage and relationships are a deep part of my quest for my growth

23. Without friends, what is there?

24. Watching Daddy and Nicholas on the tractor doing the lawn makes my heart sink, every time

25. Our home is our respit

26. I need to be more patient - seriously!!

27. Kitchens are WONDERFUL and I want to do ours over

28. Michael is my soulmate - even though he bugs me often

29. I'm a tall 5'0" gal that only reached 100 pounds after high school (and I thought I was fat)!!

30. This is not my first marriage - everyone is gasping right?

31. We love to take pride in our home with yardwork and house projects

32. California is meant to be my home (at some point)

33. I was a "burnout" in high school (leather, drinking, tough, smoking etc.)

34. Film school should have been finished but was walked away for a wedding too young

35. I had a 27 hour long labor with Nicholas - with an epidural that didn't work the first time

36. Never apologize for a failed marriage if it was a truly horrible and bad one

37. Rhonda and I will grow old together no matter what life has in store for us w/our families

38. Sisters... God's other way to have a soulmate without being married

39. I am very intuitive with people and situations

40. In the PAST I've held everyone at a distance, never trusting, never wanting to explore

41. Personal growth is a must at every stage in our lives

42. Forgiveness is essential to move forward

43. My personality is sarcastic and funny most of the time, and once in a great while, warm

44. I need to lose weight - grrr - like 15 pounds, I hate "lifestyle change"

45. Mexican food and queso are like blood, I need it to survive

46. I have to make our bed the second that I get out of it, even before peeing!

47. Laundry stinks

48. Shopping is something of a chore - hate it - unless it's for gifts, then I love it

49. My inseam is something around 10" (not really, but close - long torso)

50. Watching Dave Matthews from the 2nd row w/my sis. and seeing the sweat roll down Dave's face is something that I must see again before I die - the music makes me turn into another being - it's weird - an outer body experience! Especially with tailgating beforehand!

60. Favortie store, Home Goods

61. Africa - need I say more, this one could be a book - I'll spare you since you're all on the same page with this one - I just love this continent

62. Ethiopia, this is another one that should be at the top of this list, but I'm just going along here folks and going through the emotions one at a time - I think it's fair to say that Ethiopia will be forever a place that I dream about and long to give my heart and soul to... as many of you.

63. Blogging and adoption has changed my life in more ways than are able to put into words

64. B.U. 08' - grrrrr - I'm not sour since I know I'll meet ya'll at some point! :)

65. I wish more people would drop their fertility treatments and look at the bigger picture

66. Nicholas is a gifted soul in many ways, he makes people smile and laugh, what else is there?

67. I'm petrified of bugs of ANY size shape or attitude

68. The dark is my enemy (like Amy)

69. We are great at entertaining and need to do it more

70. My grandmother lived to 100 and her other 9 siblings (but one) lived into their 90's

71. She also passed with all her own teeth, it is a family blessing, teeth that is! (Moody)! :)

72. Adoption is something that runs through our family in many unique ways, including my mom

73. My dad is blind and it's hereditary, I pray often and worry in silence about Nick deeply

73.5 I'm a die hard conservative - yes, you heard it here first - big time, but, I love people based on their personality and not by their political views...

74. I'm going blind but it won't hit real hard unti I'm quite old - thank you God

75. Did I mention wine yet??? Love it! :)

76. The Mount Washington Hotel is pure peace and tranquility for MP and I

77. We had the most magnificant wedding (for us)

78. I had a nose job - my nose was a big ole guniea beak - oh yeah - at age 19!

79. My heart is so heavy for orphans

80. Friends can be close in distance or very far away, and they are still real

81. I'm afraid to talk to people out of my circle and if it's not related to work - getting better

82. I often cry out to dinner, strange but true, I'm overcome w/emotions of joy and gratitude

83. If the doorbell rings when Nick and I are alone, I hide and don't answer it

84. I don't like "drop-in" visits - it freaks me out (unless it's the neighbor kids)

85. Waitstaff at a restaurant shouldn't ever act like they'r doing me/us a favor, big peeve!

86. Did I mention that bugs freak me out big time! Not a camper type!

87. I've gotton cautious/skiddish about swimming in a lake in adult-hood, hebe-jebees! Word?

88. Having a lakefront home or second home is our dream (I know, contraditctory but real)

89. I love sleeping in and do it often - not a morning person

90. Food, love it! Filet mignon is my favorite, love a great steakhouse, capital grille Vegas - :)

91. Allergies, trees, pollen, dust, chocolate, apples, seasonal (I take meds. every day forever)!

92. I don't have a sweet tooth, not that I don't like sweets, but could care less, rather potatoes!

93. Weight Watchers works, if you follow it! I'm on the wagon AGAIN!

94. I cannot get ready with anyone around me (MP). After showering I must be alone with no distractions while doing my hair and lotion stuff or else I start to sweat and get very worked up.

95. I have a sweat problem - easily sweat no matter what the temperature - hate it!!!

96. Loyal to a fault - can never break away from people at the thought of hurting them

97. Honest to a fault - once drove seven miles back to the video store when realized they gave me 50 cents more than they should've. Also, last year in Vegas with Kiki I found a twenty dollar bill in the bottom of the slot machine that I just sat at and went to the cashier counter to return it.... they laughed at me and said to keep it but I felt horrible in doing so. Seriously! I felt plagued by it all night!

98. I'm a social smoker, smoked since I was 15 steady until I was 25 (pack a day) since then smoke when having cocktails... a few a week, it's been twelve years since "quitting".

99. DVR - best invention EVER! No longer a slave to the T.V. and can do my blogging without worry

100. GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, DOGS are the only real important things in life - I hope I have a long one to keep striving and growing as a human being and a mom - I want to do more in my future, more than I can even think of right now.

I'm tagging;

Emily - just because she's great, and more great, and a little more fan-freaking tastic (Aurora)

Bethany - if she has time, she will have great perspective now that she's home w/her babe

Danni - you are a rock and are so insightful it's sick, seriously, you'll put my list to shame

Brooke - you are on the road to this wonderful journey and I'd love to learn more about you

Laurie - you and your family are truly inspirational - and I love that you're a Laurie & Mike!


  1. Such a great list! I love learning more about you. It's so strange, because although there are a few things about us that differ, we are VERY similar in so many ways. I love that (and YOU). I think I'm at 100 posts too...Oh, and the last post was dated March 5th because that's when I wrote it, but it wasn't POSTED until a few days after that (I was chicken because it was personal). So, if you look at it from a very limited and slanted view point, I'm not a bad blogger :) Thanks for the tag!

  2. Fabulous list! I love reading things. It's like reality tv without the tv.

    Heh, you're shorter than I am but I bet our legs are the same length. Don't you hate that?!!

  3. Oh Lori, I loved reading this so much. I love getting to know you more. I wish you could come to BU this summer because it just won't be complete without you there!
    I'll take your tag, but I've got to let it brew a little first...

  4. Great list Lori. It's a great way to learn a little more about a person. It's funny how many things we have in common. Oh, number 94, yeah, me too. When Isabell comes in the bathroom while I'm getting ready I start sweating and breathing heavy! I'm like, please give me space or I'm going to have a heart attack! That's why I try to always get ready before she gets out of bed.
    Anyhow, well I will be thinking of my list. Have a great weekend!

  5. What I great list! I love it!! I also love your nose, and think it is so great that you just went ahead and did that. I'm sure many people thought you shouldn't. I admire you for being a clean-freak. I wish I knew how!! Maybe it would be easier with more space... I too, would like to live in CA someday, maybe in San Diego. About the rules... Did you mean you follow rules, or don't? I didn't understand. But my guess would be that you are a rule-follower, right? Number #30 DID make me gasp! And I agree, it isn't anything to apologize for, not a bit. It makes you more human, and therefore makes me like you even more! Thanks so much for sharing these, have a GREAT weekend!!

  6. Oh, yeah, and are you 37, too? My b-day is in November. It's a good age.

    (I'm using this comment to see if I successfully added a photo to my profile! Ha! Hope you don't mind! :) )

  7. That was suc a great post! Loved it, and loved your honesty!

  8. Will you please come here to St. Louis and rennovate my kitchen for me....oh yes and make my bed.

    Seriously though...we are getting ready to rennovate our kitchen and could use some major tips...I may email you and ask some questions since you are the expert.

    Oh by the way...I did the film school thing too...oye we are soul mates.

    And why arnt you going to BU???

  9. How great was this post! I so enjoyed discovering even more about my friend. I am so thankful for you, for your transparency, for your heart and your friendship. You have been a gift to me through this whole process.

    I can't wait to share a bottle of wine with you. If chips, queso, salsa and margaritas run through your blood, then you MUST come to TEXAS. We do all that pretty well down here:)

  10. Parkers,

    I wanted to send you a quick comment before I left (Mr. B), but I just got the post that Mike left for me. It was really touching and I cannot wait to hear about the rest of your "journey." Mrs. B and I were just discussing our plans to come up and meet with the two of during our Northeast tour (we are kind of a big deal, so we have to go on promotional tours from time to time.) But seriously, I wish both all the best on everything to come and I look forward to reading about it from day to day!


    Mr. B

  11. HI I'm FREAKN' ALIVE....I think..well for this hour...who knows about in 3hrs. my head is still a fog! YUCK. I love that you were a burnout in highschool. HAHAHA just the word Burnout kills me. I miss you! I feel so disconnected from the blogging world right I should right! Your vacation looked wonderful and relaxing, I hope to take one of those this summer...ahhh a swimming pool looks so nice! Talk to you more soon!


  12. Great list... I am glad we share a health fear of darkness. :)

  13. That is an awesome list!! Not sure I Could think of 100 things about me!! Have you gotten a referral yet?


  14. Hi!!!!!!

    I have been gone for ages....I had so much catching up to do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the 100 posts....and the love story....the pick of the three of you in the do know this great love stuff already dont you!!!

    Well Ive missed you all and it is great to sit :)