Thursday, March 6, 2008


No time to post much... Just finished most of packing for tomorrow's trip to sunny Florida!

Nicholas and I met Lenka (Steiger Clan) and their three kids (Emma, Nate, and Sam) yesterday at the book store for a couple of hours! It was my/our first blog-meet and it was fun! It's so neat to meet people in person finally! Lenka is much taller than I had expected, but anyone is tall compared to my five foot stature! :) I'm looking forward to hanging out with them when our kids are home! They leave very soon to meet their gorgeous daughter Jordan very soon! Horray!

My parents home in Florida, that they've rented for the month is almost brand new and they don't have internet hooked up yet (travesty)! I'm devasted beyond words at the thought of not being connected to ya'll until next Wednesday night! Yikes! My Blackberry only seems to send my emails once every so often (tempermental like it's owner) and if anything of importance should break I insit on a private email or phone call! PLEASE call me if anything comes up (Emily you're my ambassador - even though you didn't sign up, you've been elected by me).

Love and hugs to all - xoxo Lori


  1. You are much shorter than I had expected:) It was great meeting you!!! Have fun in Florida!

  2. Have a great trip!!! Only one more week until we take off to see my parents who are on the other side of the country, but also warm, in AZ. Hopefully, I WILL have internet though. I'd suffer some horrible withdrawl without it.

    Enjoy the nice weather!

  3. I so have your back sister!! Hopefully I will have many opportunities to call you down there in sunny Florida.

    Have a great time! I will miss your posts.

  4. Have fun Lori. We will miss you in the blog world!

  5. Oh NO! I miss you already! My internet was down for the last few days and I was going crazy. I called my husband at work so many times to say "check Lori's blog and give me updates!"....Hope you have the best time!

  6. Have a super trip Lori!!! I'll miss ya girlie. You always make me smile. Your joy is contagious. :)

  7. Feels like you have been gone forever! Hope you are having a great time in Florida.

  8. OK, it's time to come home now...


    Oh, Loooooooo-rriiiiii!

    I miss you, friend.

  9. Lori, I miss you. :) I feel like you have been gone forever!


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  11. You have been home for what, a few hours now- and no post?? I kid, coming home and having re-entry is hard. Take your time:)