Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lucky Number 7!

Me and the Mister! God, Thank You for this man. I need to remember how lucky we are!

This is where we were married and had a wonderful weekend long wedding with our guests! The Mount Washington Hotel at the base of Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of NH.

We have a very deep bond with this hotel and it pulls us in - being there is like being home in a weird way, it's rich in history and everything about it is magical for us. We opted to have a very small and intimate wedding so that we could have it where was most special in our hearts.

Ours was one of those weddings where everything went wrong (except one of us backing out)!

We wouldn't have had it any other way and even at the time we really didn't care, the important thing was the actual event that was taking place and that our nearest and dearest friends and family were there to share this with us... It makes us laugh to recant all the mishaps; like the photographer locking his camera and other equipment in his car and telling me just before I was to walk down the isle!! (I'm laughing now just remembering) Or how our wedding planner was rushed to the hospital a few hours before the ceremony with chest pains and nobody else was aware of our plans or schedule! Or how they lost the picture and design of our wedding cake hours before the wedding and just made it however they wanted - much different than what I had spent hours looking at pictures of etc, etc.! And how the incorrect wine was served to all the tables at the reception (MP was fit to be tied over this wine - he's THE official wine snob)! And some other little things as well... What a hoot!! Mrs. Baker, I bet you're getting a big laugh at this post!!! :)

We were very lucky to recently have received a gift cert. to get back up there and just haven't had the time/sitter to do it yet! We try to go there every year in the winter especially since that's the most beautiful and reminiscent of our wedding and our visits there before we were married!

Today I'm very calm and happy - just so ya know! I'm over my funk of last night already and am just planning that we'll get our referral within the next three months for sure! So, summer/fall travel to Africa! If it should happen to be sooner, it will be a wonderful surprise!

What is/was the hardest for me yesterday and just hit my gut was that we've been trying to add to our little Parker clan for three years now, so it's not just the referral and that it's been six months of waiting since our dossier was sent, but all of the frustrations of infertility for the two plus years before adoption process began. The waiting, the week to week cycle scheduling, and the worst (which is where we abruptly stopped post surgery) the horrible probing and constant doctors visits at the clinic for brutal treatments. We totally checked out mentally and phyically and emotionally. They wanted to do the next and the biggest fertility treatment possible. It was against our beliefs and we knew we needed a break to recalculate our family vision.. It was a few months after that break from the clinic that our path became clear. Literally one morning (which happened to be Easter morning of last year) we were all showering and were getting ready to go to my sisters home for a delicious dinner. I sat on the bed and MP and I said; it's time to start the adoption process. And so, we did! Right away! We told the family at dinner and it was official! I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfullness that God made it clear for us (I kinda wish he didn't take so darn long though)!

As I mentioned in a post months back and others have as well, this is the only way I want to add the final piece to our family circle. This IS plan A...

We're leaving for Florida in a couple of days and wanted to post this as our Anniversary will be while we're in the sun by the pool. I guess I had more to get off my chest than a quick Anniversary update-

And lastly... It's a hot 50 degrees here today - yay - no coats needed!!! What a nice welcome!! Thanks warm God!


  1. What a wonderful post. I feel like I know you better and I love your transparency.

    Do you have time to talk tomorrow? I got your email. You are a rule follower my friend, aren't you?

    Moody and Jess both told me at dinner that they really don't want me to cut my hair, I will try to find a pic for you to help you decide. Apparently, I don't look so great with the short stuff??

  2. Such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I just adore you.

  3. Beautiful post Lori. Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful bride, your wedding location... wow, amazing! The story of your wedding mishaps is so great. What memories you must have of that day.

    I hope you have a great time in Florida. Oh my, am I ever wishing that I was escaping the cold/wet winter. Have a wonderful, relaxing time.

  4. Hi friend! You post brought tears to my eyes I'm very emotional today and I love that adoption is Plan A and that you have a wonderful husband and beautiful boy right now! Try to keep those spirits up and enjoy your coming vaction....ahhh I could go for a pool and hot sun right now :-) Enjoy for me. You are almost there my friend...


  5. Oh, the photos gave me chills! WOW, what a stunning couple you are! And your wedding day story is hysterical -- although I'm sure it wasn't on that day. I love your heart, Lori. I know you're SO ready for the wait to be over... Praying for you, sister! Have a phenomenal trip!!!
    BTW, come lookie at my new do :)

  6. Wow, we have a March anniversary, too, in just 3 days!

    You guys are absolutely adorable in the pictures -- and you look EXACTLY the same now! What is you anti-aging secret?

    Happy anniversary!

  7. Those photos are amazing...what a magnificent day it was. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your achievement because every wedding anniversary is that (and of course so many other things too) but it is something you should be proud of. It demonstrates a bond and dedication like no other. Enjoy sunny Florida, wish I was there with ya'all, but I'm busy soaking up the Asian sunshine :) The weather here is great...sunny and warm.

    Love you and miss you.

  8. It was wonderful to finally chat with you today. Truthfully, I was a tad nervous- you know, having the huge crush on you that I do :)
    Looking forward to another talk very soon!
    Much love,

  9. Sweet sweet Lori. Beautiful post. You made me cry, I too love how "real" this post is. I love that in people, and this blog land is crazy amazing so thank you. I'm praying your referral is soon.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary - your wedding pictures are beautiful.

  10. Remember - if you want to make God laugh, make plans....

  11. My first time to discover your blog! Do you love the Sound of Music? I love the Sound of Music!
    I am excited to start following your journey!

  12. We are about to celebrate lucky number 7 too!

  13. Oh my goodness.....that wedding location is something out of a fairytale! Unbelievable!!!!

    I think I told you this awhile back but we have been dying to get up East sometime soon as Mr. B has always thought that is where he would love a vacation home.

    Oh how your post touched me.

    I have actually thought about this a lot...A LOT!

    I started this process before I was really even ready to be a mommy, knowing it make take a year and a half, obviously we went through the WIC list and had to wait less than half that time --- and yet for the entire month of Feb. I have never felt more emotional, out of control, and impatient....I have so much compasison and understanding in how difficult this wait is, I sometimes wonder if I would have made it if we had to of spent 6 months waiting for a referral. My heart and BIG HUGS are with you!!!!!!

    I know that now it is 10 days away...that no matter how long the wait it....that it will all be so worth it when he/she gets home.

    Here's to a fun, excting, warm summer full of life that passes the time quickly! Cheers, enjoy your vacation...

    Spring is on the way!!!!!!