Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Michael's folks, Bill and Janette celebrated their 26th anniversary on January 2nd, but MP and I finally took them out on Saturday night!

How young do they look? Seriously, too young to be grandparents!

And lastly, the "little miss" before we left the house...

For those who don't know me, I have NO control over that eyebrow and it has been my nemisis all my life! It's mostly up whenever I don't want it to be! Ugh! You should see our wedding album! :)

More weekend info. to come, but we are thrilled and blessed that they "up and moved" from NY to be here in NH closer to us and Nicholas! It's been six months and they're adjusting to NH very well - Yay!


  1. Hello little hottie!! I love the eyebrow- it has character. I couldn't get mine to do that if I tried. So fun to enjoy spending time with in-laws, it isn't always so.........:) I scored in that department but certainly know a few that would say "not so much"!

  2. Now, don't you go dissin' the eyebrow! I've got the same thing going on. It makes finding sunglasses a real BEAR, huh? Let's just think of it as our sexy little trademark, OK? ;)

  3. Aren't you Sassy!

    Don't you love nurturing! Looks like you guys had a great time. I think be near family is sooo important!

  4. P.S.

    Travel Email...I've decided (Lord knows it's not up to me) isn't going to happen until you and Em get a R.E.F.E.R.R.A.L. Referral..referral GOOOOOO referral. Seriously, sometimes I think that and I'm SO okay with's he who bonds us!

  5. Oh my goodness, you're Lori - I'm Laurie, you have a Michael - I have a Michael, and then the whole eyebrow twin thing... and now I just noticed that yours is MP - mine is MP, too! Yeesh! What are you, like, copying EVERYTHING?!? :P

  6. Freaky. Haus is Michael Patrick, too. Ricker is MPH, Jr. So between the two of us we have three Michael Patricks. My middle name is Anna, so we're safe there. Phew! OK, a little quiz: birthday (I won't ask year because I'm older than OAK!), high school sport, musical instrument -- Mine are 8/12, swim & cheerleading, piano & voice. Let me know. I'm ready to be fully freaked out! ;) I hope you guys can make it out here this summer. Wouldn't that be FUN???