Monday, January 14, 2008

Party time....

We had a long overdue party with my best friends and their husbands!
Above left to right; Lynnie (oldest), Rhonda, Tess, and me.

Rhonda and I. She is just a ball to be with and my dearest friend. We've been together since 7th grade and never seem to have enough time even if we've been talking for hours. When we get together we are inseperable and act like twelve year olds. I bet you find that hard to believe!

This is everyone from the party except for Cindy and her husband. Where the heck are these two? I know, perhaps next door! Funny story...

What are the odds of you living next door to someone that shares your last name? Very rare unless you're related if you ask me! Well, that happens to be the case for us. Our next door neighbors share the same last name as us....

So, we have lived here for three years but have only had a few parties with our best friends (not cool and we must do it more). Last night it was dark (go figure) and the next door neighbors were also having a party!!! Their party started before ours, and so obviously they had cars in the driveway and on the street. Our first guests were Cindy and Ron. They were driving separetly because Ron needed to leave early for a hockey game that he was playing in. So, his wife Cindy came to our house first. She took off her coat and I took her treats and set them on the counter while we said our hello's etc.... Then she started to laugh and said, "you won't believe what I just did". "No, what" I replied. "I went to the neighbors house and drove up the driveway. I saw all the cars outside and wasn't paying attention. When I pulled in, I looked up at the house and was like, this isn't Lori and Michaels house, I'm at the wrong house"!

Cindy made a very easy mistake that was quickly noticed by her and promptly corrected!

Her husband Ron was to arrive very soon behind her with a slow cooker full of a wonderful ham cooked and sliced etc. etc. So a little time passed, and passed....

Then, a knock at the door. Ron enters! Ham (in cooker) in hand!

Fast forward to when everyone has arrived; Ron says he has a funny story to share!

He proceeds; "so I'm driving down your street and see all the cars, I pull in, park, get the ham, get out of the car and walk up the walkway to the front door. I rang the bell and some kid answers. He didn't look familiar so I asked, is this the Parkers? Yes, he said and called the hostess by name to come to the door. I knew right away that I was at the wrong house"!

He asked if he could give them the ham so that they wouldn't tell anyone and they had a good chuckle. How embarrasing! We love you Ron! What a sport. I know how that feels as I've done the same thing before when going to do a kitchen consultation with bad directions! It's no fun!!!

Here's a quickie shot of me doing a little video. You'll have to turn your head since I can't figure out how to turn it 90 degrees to fix, or just don't watch it. It's really nothing, but I had so wanted to do video of the party. My two friends Rhonda and Lynnie didn't want me to post their debut, so this is the best I have. Give me a break though, I'm still learning this new thing~

Adoption wise, oh yeah, this is an adoption blog! Still waiting - Michael and I made our predictions and I wrote them down on paper.... I'm going to do a blog prediction to soon. Our referral date and gender are the biggies, the age is pretty much known...20-24 mos.

Disclaimer; I've spent alot of time trying to make this clip look "real" and not like an old movie turned sideways, I give up, next time it'll be better, I promise!


  1. Good times, good times!! Looks like fun. Where did the video go?? I came back to watch it and it is gone?

  2. You've taken this blogging thing to a whole new level! Now, I feel all this pressure to add video to my blog! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! Love the pic of you and your girlfriends- such a beautiful group! ...looks like you guys had such a great time...