Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How could I forget??!!??

You guessed it!!!! He IS the MAN to beat! Superbowl is coming.... can you say FOUR super bowl rings??? Not to mention the rest of the AMAZING undefeated New England Patriots team!!!
We're huge Pat's fans and are already prepin' for the game! Woot wooot! I guess I'm outta the "funk"! Not really, but this is a wonderful distraction! :) Pa-leeeze - look at this man that God created, he cannot be real! :)
More to come on the Pat's front since there's nothing else to blog about!


  1. If anyone can get you out of a funk, it has to be this man. Tom is a reminder that there is perfection and so much good. Thank you for sharing this picture- it has really improved my overall quality of life.

  2. I already came back to your blog just to look at him again...NJK!

  3. Eventhough I am a Cowboys fan--he is certainly a fine looking man:)

  4. A "fine looking man"? I have just one word for you...


    And I'm a Trojan, too! ;)

  5. Ok, am I the only one who is not into this guy. He may be fine and all, but hello, totally cocky. Turn Off! I am really sorry Lori, but he is actually my LEAST favorite player in the NFL.

    We need some new videos Lori! I just figured out how to post them. It only took me two days. FOREVER!!!

  6. Hi Lori, I've been following your blog. I have to say I would have watched MUCH more football all these years if I knew they looked like THAT under those helmets! Whew!

  7. Hi Lori!

    I know NOTHING about football. I thought that guy was your husband until I read the comments! Ha!! They do look alike, don't they?