Monday, January 14, 2008

Live on the ground in NH!

If you live in New England (or probably anywhere for that matter) and have any type of inclement weather, this is probably what you'll see if you turn on the local news!! Don't forget, TV adds ten pounds to your weight! ;)


  1. Lori, you are so funny! I think you have found your calling, news reporter!

    The snow looks like fun but I'm sure you guys get a little tired of it. Want to trade for some rain?

    When is your next news report?

  2. I love you!! That was hilarious, freaking hilarious Lor! Right down to the red spoon and hard to hear questions. Have you seen the news girl on the Ellen show??

    Oh to have that much snow on the ground! Be careful in those most treachorous conditions:)

    Have fun there Parker family.

  3. Wow our own live blogger news caster. You know I'm pretty impressed, you and your news crew were very proffessional. How many takes did that take?

    I love seeing your family, and what fun you all have! Even ol' snoop dog gets in on the action.

    Keep making me laugh we need it over here :-)!

    Sending my biggest hugs!

  4. Er, um, Ms. Snuffleuffagus, I'm your biggest fan!

    What a gorgeous snowy day you had! Envyenvyenvy. :)

  5. Your family is just too great! I love that everyone (including Snoopy) was in on the news action. Very funny video. You crack me up!

  6. Hahaha. I'm in NH too and I believe you rival anyone on Channel 9 :)