Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My boys!

I forgot to add this with the party pictures, but this is after Nick dressed into his PJ's (Hugh Heffner style) and came down to say goodnite to everyone. Mommy knelt down to him and said, "make sure you go around and give everyone a squeeze and a kiss goodnite." He wispered back, "but I don't want to hug or kiss the boy ones, just the girls." "Okay", I said, but you should at least shake the boys' hands". And so, he did. What a pip!!!!

Today Nick had a dentist appointment and did fantastic! He was quite a ham and stole the show from everyone working in the office. I was a little nervous at one point when they were sticking "Mr. Thirsty" in his mouth to suction that he was going to throw up. He kept gagging, poor thing! I took his hand in mine and it was pretty swetty. We didn't have anything else going on, so we decided to make the trek down to Daddy's work to say hello and go out for lunch. We've been dieting so a "cheat" was called for! We NEVER go see Daddy at work, so for Nick he was freaking out with excitement - and he hammed it up for everyone there too!

Yesterday I was at the beach for a kitchen delivery - after seeing all the lovely pictures on Laurie and Mike's blog of the ocean in Cali., I thought I'd make everyone jealous to see the NH seacoast with snow on it, come on, who doesn't want to be in this frigid weather!? It's pretty neat actually, but it was freezing cold!!! Brrr! The ocean is a little more than a half hour from us-
Nothing else to update, just something new to post, it seems that there isn't much activity in the blog world or referral world these days! :( My camera is showing the wrong date, I just realized... must fix! I'm going to take the high road and cool it with the videos. Everything is best in moderation, right? :)


  1. I got the BEST surprise today! It just absolutely made my day and I LOVE it! I'm going to keep you in suspense :) and I won't give you all the details, but I will tell you that I'm working on a blog, but I need to wait for Tommy to get home to post pictures.
    Thanks you! THANK YOU! YOU are the BEST BBF a girl could ever ask for!
    ...and the boys in your life just couldn't be any cuter!
    Love you!

  2. He is so darn cute! I hope you are hanging in with the wait. Thanks so much for your comment (a month ago - I'm just getting thru email from before Christmas!!) I actually grew up on the south shore of Boston and went to college in Hanover, NH, so it's all still close to me! Hang in there and hope to see good news soon!

  3. Wow, the beach looks so cool with snow!

    What a brave little man you have. The dentist isn't fun for kids or adults!

  4. You have you some cute boys there Lor!! Off to read your SECOND post of the day??!!! :)

  5. Ps - don't give up on my blog yet, it may be fewer and farther between but I'll get there!

  6. That is one awefully cute kiddo!!!!
    He sort of looks like Mr. Baker did as a little guy....he too loved his superhero pj's (superman in his case)...his mom could never get him to take them off....and she bought us a pair for Chrismas for Bear.

    So Cute!!!!