Monday, January 7, 2008

I think, I feel, I pray... To Emily and Moody-

(This is their symbol)

I pray for the comfort of you dear ones. I pray for the fortitude to lift your spirits, I pray that He will calm your weary nerves, I pray that time will most swiftly pass, I pray that those children will not want, I pray that you will not need, I pray that this will soon be done, as it shall be done by Him and His will.

Many thoughts and emotions arise from this time in our lives.... it brings out the most raw and fresh feelings one can have, but all worth it in the end....

In this we pray to OUR LORD JESUS... In this we pray to give speed and strength to our dear friends in Texas to bring their chins up from down. To bring their frowns to grins, to make them sure that they know, their kids are right around the corner.
Please, Dear God, bring these children to their home very soon. Amen.

We love you E & M -
xoxo Lor


  1. You just blow me away Lori. What a gift. What a sweet friend. I am so thankful for your friendship and for your constant encouragement! You make me laugh and you make me cry (like now)! I am really honored to have been called to walk this journey with you.

    I knew the adoption process would be difficult, and I knew the waiting would be a challenge- what I didn't consider were the precious angels the Lord would provide to hold my hand and enjoy the ride together!

    You have made my week- just made my week. Praying you get a call tomorrow! I would rejoice with you, Michael and Nicholas:) I can't wait to see the little one that the Lord has to join the Parker clan.

    Love you sister:)

  2. Oh my, Lori! What a killer post! You made me weep... I'm in prayer for them (and you!), too. What a love you are!