Thursday, January 31, 2008

Laurie tagged me!

My blog friend Laurie tagged me to do this, I should look back at what my answers were a few months ago to compare! She and I have some funky things in common like that she and her husband are also a Laurie and Mike and the list goes on a bit! Since this process started, I've met 4 Laurie/Lori/Mike couples!!! And there are NO Laurie/Lori's in NH - It's not a common name (around here anyway).

Eight things I'm passionate about!
~ Our family
~ Trying to be the best person I can be
~ Creating a balanced childhood and family memories for my kids
~ Being aware of others and trying to help
~ Exploring how I can try to make a difference in this little world
~ Giving credit where credit is due; God
~ Designing spaces that will create spectacular meals and wonderful memories

Eight things I want to do before I die!
~ Visit my "homeland" Sicily and trace back my roots and meet family
~ Do humanitarian aid work in Africa (especially ET)
~ Live in CA, the hills of Santa Barbara and do weekend trips to Napa/Sonoma etc. for wine
~ Retire with ease and spend alot of time with our kids and grandkids (Sanibel preferred)
~ Meet El Rushbo (please NO comments on this one, it's MY list)!
~ Watch our children grow to be contributing, productive, compassionate human beings
~ Say "I have no regrets" on my 100th birthday
~ Take a vacation with my best friends

Eight things I say often!
~ Snoopy, NO BITE!
~ Go ahead, say it, one more time and you're getting a time out!
~ Are you kidding me!
~ No way!
~ KNOCK IT OFF (dog and child)
~ You're my best friend, forever, and ever, and ever
~ You just LEFT from work!!
~ Nick, did you do a bum toot!

Eight shows I've recently viewed!
~ American Idol
~ Essence of Emeril
~ GOP debate (No comments please)
~ Brothers and Sisters (please come back w/new shows already)
~ No reservations (Ghana - Anthony Bourdain)
~ Oprah
~ Moment of truth
~ Intervention

Eight things that attract me to my friends!
~ Loyalty
~ History
~ Humor (and plenty of it)
~ Acting like we did when we all first started being friends (Fourth grade)
~ Decency
~ Core values (same as the decency one)
~ They make "life" dissapear when we're together

Eight things I learned in 2007!
~ That my husband is more than fantastic
~ That I want my son to stop growing
~ That this adoption process would prove to change our lives in more ways than I ever dreamed
~ That sometimes people can disappoint us unknowingly
~ That it's time for me to learn and grow constantly
~ That Ethiopia will be an experience of a lifetime
~ That you can meet people and form strong connections with them before you meet
~ That men just don't get alot of stuff that women get


  1. Siscily - If you need a travel companion just let me know!

  2. Oh, don't you just want Nicholas to stay little forever! I so understand that one. It's hard to see them grow.

    Great list. I would like to live next door to you in Santa Barbara. Perhaps we can't get Bethany to come too. The husbands could stay at home and we can go to the vineyards.

  3. Being tagged is soo hard. It sucks when you actually have to reflect on your self! Haha It reminds me of having to right the Autobiography for the Dossier or was it the homestudy (ohh I don't know anymore).

    Nice to know a little bit more about Mrs. Lori!

  4. What is it with all of us and Intervention??

  5. I can't believe you said this about me, "I'm quite certain that we'll never hear from you again in the blog world once you have your little bundle"...I'm a bit in shock over your lack of faith in me :( Especially since when I spending hours in the middle of the desert by myself I was thinking about my blog friends (ok, really you) and hoping I wasn't missing anything important. Hmmph! Mrs. Lori, I will prove you wrong...and your little dog too!

  6. Commenting must be tough work. I came back to yell at you more, reread my last comment, and realized that although the semantics where there, so were typos galore. I may want to actually read what I write before I post a comment. I will improve in the future :)
    But, let me get back to the more yelling...I realized that I have posted FOUR different posts in the last TWO days! If that does not show blog commitment, I'm not sure what does. I'm commited to you Lori! Just accept that :)

  7. I need to go do mine- loved reading more about you!!

    Hope you have a great weekend:)

  8. Great stuff! I feel I know ya a little better.

  9. You are so cool. I thought I'd already commented on this, but apparently not. It must be early onset something or other...
    OK, post again already!