Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New post. No news.

There's nothing for me to write from the adoption front or anything else for that matter....

You guessed it, it's "funk" time again. I received the monthly notice from our agency today which stated that the wait time for our age group has been lengthened by an ADDITIONAL six months....

My countdown is done, finished, and basically, a bag of shit dust at this point....

So, anyone up for a party??!!?? Besides that, I am in a home based business that revolves around the housing market.... Yes, you guessed right, not good. Cash in some air miles and I'm on a plane to design you the kitchen of your life! :)

Boo hoo for me... Life could be sooo much worse and I DO know that. I'm just being a cry baby (not literally) and the list could go on. This is just a snippet of how I'm feeling this second which is probably going to change in a day (or less).

Correction!! And Just For Fun.... Everyone likes to see pictures.... so here's one of mi' famiglia... Mom, Dad, Michelle (older and in black, like you couldn't tell) and me! Sadly, this was on my 27th birthday, ehmmmmm, NINE years ago! :(


  1. Hi Lori,
    I went to the mall in Manchester. They had them all over the store. I even got swetshirts for the boys each $5. Have a great time shopping.
    PS: Do you want come for a cup of coffee sometime?

  2. I think that I am going to have to add "a bag of shit dust" to my repertoire!
    I am just going to assume that I have permission to blame you if my son starts saying it!:-)

  3. a bag of shit dust huh? Hmm thats a new term on me!

    You do know they lengthen those timelines basically for the people that are NOT as far along as you right? Those are more "parameters" for the newly waiting!

    Okay I know thats not helping the mood right now, but......

    Cheer up Charlie (willy wonka, if you didn't catch that).....

    I send my love...thats all I got...and a whole lot of prayers...

    bag of shit dust....yup thats really interesting!

  4. I do hope you do not have to wait six more months. I know the wait stinks, believe me we hit 10 months today and we still have one more month+ to go.
    Trust God, know He is in control and give your distress and crap to Him. He will give you peace and rest while you wait.
    I do have a dream kitchen in my head and oh how I wish you could come and build it for me...maybe one day.
    Praying for a better day tomorrow!

  5. GRRRR! I'm so sorry about your bag of shit dust...Although, I'm really liking that term. I'm sure it does NOT mean you will wait an additional 6 months. I'm super anxious/excited/irritated with the wait/impatient/etc. for you, so I can't imagine how you feel.
    This adoption roller coaster is crazy. I really wish I could run on over to New Hampshire and give you a big hug and have a few glasses of wine with you.
    I am loving how absolutely adorable your family is...thank you for sharing the cuteness!

  6. Dang it, the sad email post worked for Tara!!! Hope you get out of your funk soon, I will be praying for you.

    I don't need a new kitchen, but would be up for you coming to visit:) Margaritas on me:)

  7. Hey, I'm joining in on those margaritas, OK!
    Hahaha, you are so cute. Hang in there, babe. We're all praying.