Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You'll never guess who got a camera...

This is me making a face (in case you couldn't figure that out on your own) at the whole process of trying to take a picture of myself in a mirror! It is a good representation of what I look like most of the time - annoyed! :) Anyway, here is the necklace, and you can see a glimpse of the barrette too which I wear on my shirt(s).

I bought an inexpensive camera that is nice and small - so, still playing around with it and it's nuances, but, all and all, happy with my purchase. I'll be taking pictures left and right now -

Too bad most of our snow has melted or I would've taken a picture of the BEST snowman you have ever laid your eyes on - seriously! I had no part in the creative creature, it was all MP and Nicholas.

Last night I had a dream that seemed so real; in my dream I was awoken by the phone ringing. I was dazed (as any normal person would be) and stumbled out of bed and fell on the floor clumsily. If you know me (all five feet) and the huge height of our bed, this is not very hard to do. The answering machine came on before I could grab the phone on my nightstand and it was a man's voice! Our social workers' name is Roy (do you get the subtlety).... So, I hear him saying that there are two children that they have matched us with. For some unknown stupid dream reason, I still didn't get to the phone in time, but was freaking out. The strange thing was that the children's ages were quite a bit older than we had requested (in the dream).

I have crazy, crazy, crazy, (this could go on) crazy dreams all the time. Mostly nightmares unfortunately, but this felt so real. And of course, in the dream I started screaming crying but no sound came out! What a feeling!

Perhaps it is a sign for our friends in TX, or perhaps it's just a dream.... either way, I am happy to say that I know what it feels like to get "the call"....


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with crazy dreams! Very cute post. Love the pic!

  2. CRACKING UP! seriously! That was pretty funny. Do you remember when you got married and you used to have wedding dreams (they are the WORST...ya know you trip, or the cake doesn't show, or your dress doesn't fit) ADOPTION IS THE SAME WAY!!!!!!!

    Love the face your SOOO...ummm HOT! hahaha.

  3. I love the facial expression.

    Yes, dreams seem so real. I think all adoptive parents have a dream at sometime or another. But isn't it strange when you dream about a child or children whom are older or another gender that you requested. I have had those dreams. It kind of makes you feel like, whoa, is someone sending me a sign.


  4. LOL, oh I needed this today... I'm a crazy, crazy, crazy dreamer, too, especially when I'm pregnant. So, since you're expecting you should be having weirder dreams! :D