Sunday, January 6, 2008


Well, I'm sorry to disappoint any of you that thought I had something interesting to say, but I just wanted to do a bunch of writing on various thoughts. I just finished working all day and now feel drained. Not to mention that I spent almost a half hour doing a post, and I minimized it to do something and somehow clicked off of the blogger site so my post vanished.

I spent the day working on a nice kitchen plan and order... it has taken me all of last week and today to write up the cabinet order and draw all of the final plans. Another reason that I'm a bit angry right now is that my blackberry won't email me the pictures that I've recently taken and wanted to share on the blog! I love adding pictures to posts, and I have a bunch that I took specifically for this purpose. It has come to my attention that there must be a magnet in my body that clashes with any electronic equipment within five feet of me. This has been the case for several years now. I will buy a new camera this week!!! A nice cheap $100 type... The $800 digital Sony that is only a little over a year old will require at least $150 in repairs! Sounds okay, but this is the second time it's broken! Two strikes, they're OUT! And so am I camera wise. Besides, I'll need a small one for our upcoming travel to Africa!! :)

I'm getting happier as I type! Yay-

So.... I'm not sure if you're aware, but my husband and I are in the process of adopting a toddler from Ethiopia. Anyway, Emily sent me an email today and mentioned something about the roller coaster ride that this process is. It's just so funny how we are on the same page with other adoptive parents.... Just last night, I walked into the kitchen, I just couldn't stop smiling and beaming. Michael, of course said, "what's up"? And I tried to explain my feelings and emotions to him. This is how I felt and how I explained it;

"I feel exhilarated" I said, "it's the exact feeling of being strapped into a roller coaster ride. You buckle up and the thing starts to move. Then, you slowly creep up, and up, and up, and up this great big hill. You're both nervous as hell, and wide eyed at the sights and emotions that are to come as soon as you reach the top. The way I feel this very second is that we're at the very last few clipety clops of the hill. Just about to be revealed is the most amazing experience ever".

The only difference is, that most people refer to good and bad times as a roller coaster ride, for good reason. But, in this instance the roller coaster ride has only just begun, and the ride is ALL good. When you are on a roller coaster, the entire ride is an experience, and we've only just been creeping up the hill.

When we get our referral(which I'm very soon to change the name of), we will have reached the top of the hill. We'll scream, cry, and be amazed at the beauty in front of our eyes. When that car starts to creep back to the platform that's when OUR pilot comes on over the intercom and says; "welcome to Boston"! And then, our family will be complete, and begin another chapter of our history.

I feel so calm about this adoption right now. Please don't confuse calm with "not thinking about it". It is in every fiber of my awareness at all times. It is So real to me after this week. I've always felt it "real", but it reminds me of when I was preggers. Every milestone made it more real. I remember being in labor (for 27 hours) and right before he was born the Dr. said to me; "OK Lori, another push or two and your little boy will be here". I almost fainted! You should see the look of disbeleif on my face in the home video... As real as it was, it was something we planned and planned and planned for. We didn't actually think we'd have a child! That's kind of the awareness that this week has brought to me. I've been picturing exactly where he/she is... I think they either haven't been brought to the orphanage yet for "intake", or will be VERY soon.

Another picture I wanted to share... Michael and I were shopping for baby gifts last weekend. This store is just fabu and I HAD to buy something for us too. Since we're dying and hoping that we get a girl (don't know why, just do this time around) we bought a little barrett (sp?). I've been wearing the barrett on my shirt every day in the hopes that God will see! At the end of the day, we could care less what gender we get, obviously, or we would have picked one, but this is our secret wish. Whatever God has in store for our family and for our little babe is PERFECT and we will have NO (none whatsoever) regret over not asking for a specific gender.

And lastly, (again, pictures would help here) last night were the two big debates. Don't forget that we live in NH which just happens to be THE PLACE TO BE if you're a news correspondant etc. I am very passionate about politics and the like and we were very excited to watch both debates last night. We've been dieting all week and it's been killing me, so, last night we decided to have filets and oven roasted pots. while watching the debate. For a nice treat sometimes I bring the small round kitchen table into the living room. Last night was one of those nights (it's been like a year). After bringing it in, I set the table right in front of the fireplace and TV and we lit a fire. It was so nice and fun (AND DELICOUS) to sit in the living room at a table in front of the fireplace. It felt like we were at a B & B or something with room service! Not to mention that the food and my wonderful shallot peppercorn sauce for the steak were out of this world.

I wish a safe business trip to China to my big sis Michelle and her signifigant other! We'll be anxiously awaiting your return Auntie Kiki & Jim!! xoxoxo


  1. Good "stuff" Lor! Thank you for describing your feelings so well.

    The shallot, peppercorn sauce sounds fabulous:)

    I'm thinking this is your week- can't you just hear the tick, tick, tick of your car going up the hill?

  2. I found this posting to be just wondeful. I can see you guys in front of the fireplace. It sounds perfect. I'm glad you and Mike do things like that. It makes for a very rich life and keeps the fire's of your love burning too.

    I got so excited when you rang the bell Saturday. I was sure you had come to tell Papa and me the "news", but seeing you guys and Nicholas was more than enough and I have been praying that you will get called soon.

    Love, Ma

  3. LOVE THE POST! LOVE THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE! LOVE THE CALMNESS! At this point in the process you and Emily deserve a GOLD STAR (X5).

    I'll Email you later but for now..........THIS IS TO WEIRD........ONE of my TWO older sisters is named MICHELLE! mmmmhmmmm weird

    God has a referral on deck for you, He has it in hand. You have been patient and his child is about ready to be delivered to you. (secretly....I think it will be a girl too!) But God will only reveil!

    :-)much love,

  4. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. The outpouring of support has been a lifeline.

  5. I love your blog, I am in Canada and adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. I totally can relate to your feelings!!! I remember waiting for our referral. It was SUCH a wonderfully exciting time! Can't wait to read "the" post when you do see your child for the first time!


  6. Truth! You describe your feelings so well, Lori... The emotional ride is a wild one! Praying for you guys!

  7. The great thing about roller coasters is that there are many seats for others to join your ride. We are all on a roller coaster in some way or another. But it’s nice to know that friends, family, and fellow bloggers hop on your ride once in a while to pray and offer support. So, know that your are in the prayers of many, and you inspire the rest of us who are slowing making it to different parts of this journey.