Thursday, February 14, 2008

The amazing Walker family finally united!!!

Danni, Tommy, and baby Jude

Momma and babe (she's a natural)

Papa and babe (he's a natural)

Look at his beautiful little lips! And he's such a little chunk nut! So sweet!
Well, the Walker family is on their way home tonight (now "our time")... How exciting. I just can't wait to hear of their experiences while in Addis Ababa and all the details of their son.
Have a "quick" trip home - be safe!! :)


  1. Drat-- someone beat me!! I don't like to lose:(

    They are a beautiful family! Hope you guys have a great weekend. Is MP back?

  2. I love all the pics i've seen of them.They look like they've always been a family.

  3. SUPER CUTE! I'm so happy for them!!

    PS~ Yes post away - the vid still makes me laugh til I cry when we watch it.