Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just because!

I forgot this one on the first posting, but I found this "gear" for Nicholas the other day and had to get it!!! He LOVES to help me cook! Now we just need a new kitchen. Know anybody to help us re-design our kitchen - ohhh the things I could do!!! :)

My mother in law and I at the stupid superbowl party!

Jamie; this is for you, this was taken by MP last week in Milan - Smeg appliances

Happy Daddy (obviously pre-game)

Nick and Beana (Christina - cousin/slave)

Kiki and Jim - Awww

Me and Nick last Feb. at Disney being queer!
We're headed back pretty soon (just he and I) :(

I'm doing this for the greater good of all blog stalkers! There's nothing going on in "blog world" these days, maybe it's widespread, or perhaps it's just the circle I "run around with"!

Anywho - just for fun! Superbowl pictures and a few others!!!


  1. Love Parker family pics- I know things are slow in our circle, but haven't heard of much of anything, anywhere!!!

    Have a great weekend:)

  2. Yeah, slow going in the blog world. But once again, love the pictures. Your little chef is way to cute in his outfit.

    Hey, when are you going to Disneyworld? We are thinking of going in April. I so wish I lived closer, it's like a ten hour day by time we get there from the west coast. But, we like it better than Disneyland. We have been there a zillion times.

  3. If you're looking for some blog action, there's been a little action at our blog...:-) Of course, once you get a referral, you start waiting for other things...

  4. Love the pics! I think some referrals are needed to brighten up the blogs!!!

  5. YEA, pictures!!! How cute are you guys! Yep, referrals are very, very lacking these days... We need some more good news around here.

  6. Damn! I was going to come give you crap for giving me crap about not posting new stuff! Well THAT BACKFIRED! Crap now I have too...I just feel like nothing is going on....wait I might have something, we'll see what I can cook up.

    So looking at the ADORABLE picture of Nick above in his cutie cook gear (which I LOVE) ...YOU NEED TO REMODEL YOUR KITCHEN??? Ohhh hunny, the things you could do to MY kitchen! haha

    Well cute pictures talk at you later!

  7. Lori dear, I would LOVE it if you would purchase coffee for us in ET when you guys go! It's worth its weight in gold around here! :P
    Here's to praying that you guys travel soon (clinking our coffee mugs together)!

  8. Fun pics! How cute is Nicholas?!

    Nothing IS going on in the blog world it seems! Hopefully, that means a lot of news to be had soon!

  9. Saw your post on the blog union group and just wanted to say hi. Good luck in your journey. Hope to see you in August.
    Kerri and Ruby

  10. Nice pictures! I especially love the one of you getting a perm in the last post. Looks like we got our 4th grade glasses at the same place!