Sunday, February 24, 2008

A little bit of this, and that!

Since MP is away in China for the week (left at 5 am on Sat) Nick and I went to my sisters house for a little "hike/walk" in the woods behind her home. It was so fun because we went with her boyfriends children as well. They all get along great, what a treat!

Awwww..... pretty snow coming down from the trees (thanks Jim for the help)!

MP doing what's natural, checking emails and responding while at the Dr's for our shots!

Nick and his buds - Emma, Madi, Kyle - too cute!

One of my BBF's sent this little package to me a couple of weeks ago! The beautifully wrapped gift was the "On The Move" book - wonderful! Thank You Emily! xoxo

MY favorite ALL TIME FILM! Aurora Greenway - I love you!

No explanation needed, especially with my readers! :)

I'm an Al Pacino fanatic - he is worshiped by me - Love this film!

De Niro at his finest - among other in the film- beautiful art-

Just watched this recently and it touched me beyond words -

One of my favorite classics!

The first film I ever saw in film school, it left a mark on me!

Great Classic Movie!

I LOVE Kevin Spacey!!! And this movie!


  1. Hey Lou Lou,

    We had so much fun trapsing through the woods with you and Nick yesterday! It is really beautiful back much to explore. Love all the flicks too-those are some of my favs as well.

    love you guys-Kiki

  2. How'd the shots go?I remember bawling my head off watching Terms Of Endearment.I also love the classics!

  3. Hi Lady,

    Ouch! I hated getting shots!!!!!!! we have the exact same taste in movies!!!!

    That hike looked beautiful as well. How I need to get out!


    Mrs. B

  4. My pleasure:) Anything for my dear Lori.