Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What about Bob?

While I was up last night from around 2am to 5am lying in bed, my mind was all over the place. One of the little things that crept into my thoughts was that we can't really even do something as simple as pick out a name for our new child. We don't know the actual age or gender of what will be our referral. It's pretty safe to assume that it will be a two year(ish) old child. We have kind of decided to just hold off thinking of names until we see the picture of him/her and learn their given name. There are several options we're considering...

1. Keeping their name entirely
2. Keeping their first name and giving them a new middle name of which we'll call them by.

3. Giving them a new first name and keeping their original first name as their middle name.

4. Changing everything all together (doubtful).

With all of the wonderful families that have traveled since we began blogging, and the ones still to follow in their path, I got to thinking about all the neat and very current name choices that these families have chosen. Here are some just to name a few (in no particular order)that other families have chosen to name their children;

Asher Leul
Elianna Ray
Ian Parker
Silas (this was chosen by at least two families)

And it made me wonder... WHAT ABOUT BOB?


  1. Thank you for making me laugh! I laughed so hard watching that movie- we used to always say..."What about Bob!"

    Sorry about the sleepless night though. Love your list of names!

  2. Hmm, yes, Bob. It has a nice ring to it. Very mature and strong. You really should add it to your list. ;)

  3. That was tooooo cute! I never understood why people struggle with naming there children. YUP NOW I DO. I think adoption throws a whole nother curve ball too!


  4. Hey there - I saw your post on another site regarding a mission trip in 2009 or 2010 to Ethiopia - I am interested to hear about your plans so add me to your list.

    We were to pick up our son, Brighton Asher, from an orphanage in Addis Ababa around March or April - however he passed away January 8th of this year. We are setting up the Brighton Asher Fund and planning on doing some projects under that - we would love to build towards an annual mission type trip to Ethiopia - so your plans are interesting to me.

    I hear ya on naming - it was tough - and it meant so much when we chose it - thats why we plan on carrying his name on with the foundation - his 76 days made such an impact.

    We are now waiting to head there to bring home our daughter (we accepted another referral). Ethiopia has a hold of our hearts for sure!

    Tymm & Laura

  5. Girl, you just kill me. THANK YOU! I needed this laugh so much. "What about Bob?" nearly made me do a little peepee in my panties. So, so, so funny!

  6. Looks like you're a reader of our blog. Don't know how much you've read or if you saw the post about how we came up with our kid's names. We were in the same place you were before we got our referral. We'd looked at baby name sites and couldn't settle on anything.

    When we heard the story about everything these girls had lost in the months leading up to their adoption, we decided to keep their lives as stable as possible and keep their first names. However, we also knew it would be torture for them to spell/pronounce their names several times to anyone who asked (Netsanet and Mekdelawit aren't very common around here). That's how we came up with the shortened versions of their names - Neti (pronounced Netty) and Meke (Mee-Kee).

    We call them by their full given names at home on occasion.

    So another option would be to keep the Ethiopian name but create a shortened version of it.

    Neither of our girls have middle names. By the time we worked through the first name we were completely exhausted and quit! :)

  7. LOVE THIS POST! Girl you crack me up. Names were super hard for us. We had a hard time naming our bio kids, it was even harder this time around.

    DH is picky picky pickity pants and I am too so yeah. Fun times at the Shubin house.

    Okay so where's this mission trip post? DH and were just talking yesterday about our dream to go on a mission trip with our older two children. This just might fit the bill. Having just been to Ethiopia this idea is very real to us. Email me more. 4littlerockstars@gmail.com