Thursday, February 28, 2008

quick update-

I just spent the better part of an hour on a post here and left it to eat dinner alone (again - MP home tomorrow VERY late)... After re-reading my un published post I decided to delete it as it was one of my "introspective" posts and would get my friends and family worried about my well being and mental state, again! :) It was really a positive post, but emotional, in a good way!

So, I'm here now to post that I've deleted the post and will possibly come up with something half interesting tomorrow, or not...

A video update is over-due and I'll get right on it - probably tomorrow! I've something very important for tomorrow SO BE SURE TO COME BACK AND SEE... TOMORROW! (get the subtle theme, tomorrow)! ;)

Sleep well angels - until tomorrow,


  1. Ok,'s tomorrow! It's Friday! Where's the update, hmmmmm. What is this "1 week or less" on the side of your blog. You have me so super excited! Please tell!!!!!

  2. That is totally unfair!! You are teasing us. Introspective posts are the best! :)

    OK, I'm off to work on my own not-too-introspective post now.

    I LOVE that magazine cover idea!! That I really might have to steal.