Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Saving Lives Creating Hope"~


I vowed never to do this, but it is in the top of my head and I really don't want to post more stupid pictures of a family in waiting! :)

If you have 15 minutes to spare, this was a short documentary collaborated by Warner Bros. and PEPFAR. Click on the picture of the beautiful girl in yellow.

Love him or hate him our president has been phenomenal with regards to his efforts and success to date in Africa. He has been more pro-active and generous (with our money) than any other president in history and even his critics acknowledge this as fact.... I thought I'd pay homage to our president since he just returned today from his five country visit to Africa with the First Lady.

This video is something that came up when I googled what his plans were while in country and how the days of his trip unfolded... This is the video that I'm responding to below;

I was conflicted as to whether or not to post this video because when I first watched it I couldn't help but think, "gee, this is awfully cheery when this continent is suffering very badly even today". But after I watched it I got to thinking (scary)... While there is a TON more work to do in Africa, there is also GOOD happening right now. We are so accustomed to witness dread and horror when we see pictures or stories of Africa because that's what sells, and that's what gets people to open their wallets. But, good IS happening, NOT enough yet, but it's happening. The problem (to me) is that the world responded FAR TOO LATE to the devastation that was unfolding - far too late doesn't begin to state how I feel.

Something that has come to my attention and to the core of me. This adoption doesn't help Africa or Ethiopia one single bit. It helps this child, and it blesses our family, period.

I hate being thanked for adopting from Ethiopia. I get why they do it. One of the answers has got to be prevention in the first place. While I am coming out of my skin at the opportunity that we've been given to share something in common with this beautiful country (bringing one of her children here with us) and her countryman, I DO NOT want the need to be there in the first place.

Throwing money at the problem is NOT the only solution (soap box here - turn away now if you disagree), it's an integral part of the solution but in no means can be the solution. I don't know what the solution is...

I know that hands, helping real life hands alongside with Ethiopians are another part of the solution. This is why I am committed to returning to Africa/Ethiopia in 2009/2010 to actually help in a physical way. I don't know how exactly, but I do know that it will happen.

To all of my "readers" (all five), I'm doing research now and am hoping to build a team or teams to go with me/us.... anyone interested???? Please????? I know that some of you have already expressed an interest and that's what got the ball rolling in my head that perhaps it won't just be me and MP that does this -

Let's help in our own teeny tiny way. Let's help them by letting us build with them. You can give a man a fish, but you're better to teach him how to fish..... (I'm sure I screwed this up, I can never remember cliche's correctly, please forgive me). Anyway, we surely won't be the success of the country, but hey, there's literally nothing to lose and much to gain.

I'm doing my traditional rambling and I truly hope to have not offended anyone. If I have however, please discontinue viewing my blog as of now! Just kidding! Seriously, I mean no harm in my opinions and this is MY blog to voice them - I encourage debate, but ask that you not be disrespectful in your comments (all five)! ;)


  1. Way to go Lor!! Really enjoyed the video. Don't be apologizing for W- he has indeed done more! My mom sent me an email about how Bob Geldolf (founder of Band-Aid) had praised the President for his efforts in Africa.

    Have you signed to petition on to urge all of the candidates to commit to make trips to and support Africa? So many great initiatives are taking place over there right now.

    You know we will join you and MP in Ethiopia:) Thanks my friend!

  2. I haven't watched the vido because it's like 11:30pm and i'm beat TOMORROW FIRST THING.


    I LOVE YOUR PASSION. Thanks for sharing your heart and gut feelings. I too feel that Jeff and I are a small part. I'm all for physcial labor in the country and can't wait to see what that might intel when we travel over there. We plan on Adopting from Ethiopia again, but would like to give back in even a larger way. You have both of our heads if you want them!

    It really is about rebuilding not just talking about it!

    Much love my are a passionate person!!

  3. I haven't watched the video yet, but I will check back and watch it when I'm not at work!

    I admire your passion and commitment to going back to Ethiopia in the coming years. It really is about people coming together for a common goal. That is the way to bring about change.

    Hope all is well. Are you looking forward to Florida? Oh, I so wish I was going. I need to get out of this cold weather.

  4. A-Freaking-Men. Rock on. Stay on the soap box. I think ya did a wonderful job up there. Thanks for the great stuff for me to read, watch and link to.