Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Post!

Auntie Kiki - Nicholas (@ 1 week) - Papa

Me & Michael in Napa 1/06 - Mustard seed

Snoop Dog

I actually took this myself @ Animal Kingdom 2/07

Nancy and I @ her wedding 8/06! She just gave birth to their son two days ago!
(I'm the short one)

Is this guy cool or what!?! My dad - sometime in the dark ages!

My mom used to give me home perms - now you see why I have deep seeded issues!

Our front yard last year.... crazy eh'???

If you're anything like me (for your sake I hope not) then there's nothing more annoying than checking blogs often and not seeing any updates. I am guilty of this of late! My apologies!

I guess I haven't felt very "chatty" lately, but it's not that I don't have thoughts or emotions.

Today I'm still feeling sorry for the fact that our team lost "the big one"... not that it's THAT big of a deal, but it would've been cool. Also, today is super Tuesday.... we'll just have to wait and see if it actually ends up "super". It all depends on who your horse is I suppose. Whatever happens will be just fine (right)?

Here are some very random photo's just because it's fun to see pics. MP had my camera all last week while he was in MILAN on business - poor guy! Now I cannot seem to find my computer cable to upload the pics. from our not-so-superbowl party! Also, a new video should be coming along one of these days too!

There are several families that are on the brink and one family that is in Ethiopia right now!

Erica and David are picking up their beautiful little boy and just left the other day!! One of my BBF's Danni and Tommy are leaving on Thursday to pick up their baby Judah!! Jocelyn will be leaving in a couple of days for her daughter Pacey, and The Breedlove's will be picking up her little bouncing baby boy Nathan in a couple of days also!! A big flurry of travel!

We wish them all the most tremendous big hugs and well wishes as they journey to the motherland of their children. What a gift!

There has been little to no activity with our agency (and it seems most) lately. MP and I are sort of passing on the month of February being "the month" and are feeling more like March!

Things may start to move again soon, but it'll all be very soon relativly speaking. We certainly have no control whatsoever so why bother stewing! Don't get me wrong - it's in every fiber of every day for me, but just not in a crazy out of control way! :)

There will be a blog union organized by Drew and Carey (if you're not in the blog circle this will make no sense) the first weekend in August in the bestest place in our beautiful and great country... California!!

I'm so excited, but so thinking that we won't be able to attend! If we don't travel to ET until this summer, there's no way we can book flights for CA (don't forget we live on the East Coast).

Plus, Michael's annual family reunion is in South Carolina this year on July 4th - Myrtle Beach. They (and we) desperatly want us to go, so if we're home and our little one (boy/girl - insert name here) is adjusting well, that will be our priority for travel...... :(

We'll have to just wait and see! It's kind of nice not knowing what the next step your life will look like. That's so different than how I'm used to living, but the carefree-ness is freeing. I have to admit that I suffer from a teeny tiny dose of OCD! The good kind, not the crazy kind!

Toodles for now!


  1. I think I about pee'd my pants at your perm photo! hehe

    March is TOTALLY THE MONTH..I'm right there with you on Febuary..just being Febuary..just going along minding our buisness...

    :-) You are too cute! Great to see a new post

  2. I am not giving up hope on you for the reunion thing. I COMPLETELY understand, but besides being a bit OCD myself, I'm a dreamer- can't help it! If you do come, you'll have to stay at the Walker pad and drink wine. Just so you know.
    We could even take a day trip to Santa Barbara and wine taste there...and maybe have a Disney day! Oh, no! I'm dreaming again! Now, I've planned A WEEK LONG vacation, not just a weekend...
    I LOVE your pictures. Especially the one of you getting a perm. Priceless. I'm going to work on posting some myself now...
    Oh, and I was about to give you crap for not posting more often...I'll get you next time :)

  3. I just found out that my husband is a LURKER on your blog. Thought you should know. LOVE it :)

  4. How am I supposed to take your advice to stay in bed with dance party u.s.a coming from your blog?? :)

    I'm with Danni-- you MUST attend the blog union. Let's all throw caution to the win and go!!! I NEED you LOR!!

  5. I thought that was Tuney!

  6. Just heard the news on the radio about your man pulling out of the race! Sorry about that- this is going to get really interesting.

  7. Hi Lori! Love the pictures! I just did something similar on my blog.

    I love seeing pictures of people when they were kids. Your perm is so RAD! My mom always had my hair permed too. Your not alone!

  8. Maybe the OCD was perm-related, because I got those same, aweful home perm torture sessions, and I, too, have OCD tendencies... the not crazy kind. :P Hey, won'tcha please come to the union this summer??? That would be so FUN!