Thursday, February 21, 2008

How is it possible?

After my lengthy last post I came accross this from our WHFC yahoo group! It IS Tremendous and I'm very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Another great video! Isn't it amazing the little things that we can take for granted like running water. It is literally changing lives over there.

    Now, I need to hit the hay so no more videos tonight:)

  2. The need for water has been something I've been thinking about so much lately...this is AMAZING! I've been researching and thinking about what types of efforts I would like to do in Ethiopia as well. Thank you for sharing all of this inspiring info. You are wonderful!

  3. Hi Lori,

    The people in Sandown where you dropped off my picture went to Ethiopia to work on a project with the people in one of the villages. I have their album to show you and all the information about this.

    You could talk to them for starters. There are groups going every year from their church.......maybe you could join them.

    It's a dynamic church in Portsmouth or Greenland, NH....Bethany Church. I am impressed by what they do. I have been hearing about them for several years. I will bring the photo album to Florida if I don't see you before we leave.

    Love you,

  4. wow, great video! We are in the midsts of planning a trip to work in Ethiopia for a while next year and are it is awsome to see more ways that will completely change the lives of these sweet sweet people!! Love it.

  5. Oh man, I just went back and read you last post as well- good stuff! We should talk more, we have so many of the same views and I love talking to others who are passionate about Africa and Ethiopia and more importantly, physicaly doing something about what's happening there!! we have a house church group that meets every week to talk about these exact things and we are working on trying to get a group to go to ET in 2009 as well....interesting! Here is my email if you ever want to chat!