Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Introducing Erica and David's little Silas!!

Erica and David's new man!
This had Michael and I crying laughing at his utter sense of humor and beauty. And how well is he adjusting to his new family? You decide.... this was taken at the airport on their way home from Addis Ababa, only days after they were united as a forever family. Send your blessings their way - not that they need to be blessed anymore!


  1. That is so precious! It's amazing to me how the Lord binds families together right from the very beginning. Incredible!

  2. And, absolutely, let's go build, and serve, and dig a well. Whatever the Lord has in mind! That's totally my heart, too. I'm IN!

  3. That video is priceless. I hope someone is able to translate what he's saying besides those angry "hello"s :)